Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Finish for FNWF

Twice I have backspaced my intro because it just sounded too corny. I feel really happy. I love all the sewing projects I have on the go. I love how joining in with the various blog sew-ins and sew-alongs motivates me to finish things. I love getting inspiration from other people's blogs. It is just nice to feel so positive about everything.

For FNWF I started the Paris block from the "Adventure" free BOM. I changed the thread colours a bit to suit me more. No matter how good I feel there is no way I can take on another quilt so I have decided to make things with each of these stitchery blocks blocks through the year.

If you have been reading my blog for a while I don't think you will be surprised to see what I have turned this block into. 

Strangely I do not have any tea souvenires from Paris so I have used some of the fabric I bought in Paris to make a tea cosy. The Eiffel Tower charm is from a pair of earrings I bought at Melbourne markets last year because I thought they would make good zipper pulls. It seemed perfect to top off my Paris tea cosy.

There is a list of lovely people joining in this Friday Night with Friends on this post at Gone Stitch'n.
Thanks to Cheryll for hosting the sew-in.

Happy Quilting,

I can't believe it has rained non stop so far today. Hope everyone is keeping dry.

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