Tuesday, March 26, 2013

North Pole QAL - March Update

I can't believe how easy it is to get excited about new projects and let the older ones rest for a while. If this wasn't a quilt along with others this quilt might slip into the great unknown - a box in a wardrobe somewhere. But since I am part of a group I have been busy this morning doing my quilt as you go quilting on my first row. Yes, I have to admit I feel a bit like I am doing my homework at the last minute but I feel good that I got some more done.

I did some shadow quilting around the houses and trees. I will probably do a bit of invisible quilting around the doors. I will be doing some hand stitched little snow flakes around as well.

I plan to do some more houses next month. I just want it to cool down a bit more so my sewing room will be a bit cooler during the day.
If you have done a bit more this month link up with the specific post so there is a record of our progress.

Happy Quilting,
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