Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Apple Patchwork and some spending

Since it is autumn here I wanted something nice to put on the table for our Easter feast. I love apples and they are a little bit less common in patchwork than other autumn themes. I looked around for some images and found this one on Flickr.

I have no idea what brand it might be so I rustled up a pattern with my trusty ruler and pencil based on the size of my table. I sorted through all my fabrics and came up with enough for four different blocks. Here is the first one.

I saw the cutest stitched alphabet from Michelle of Rag-Tag Stitchn' on another blog because they had won it in a give away Michelle had and I knew I just had to get it. It arrived today and it is lovely. I have to make some time to stitch up my own initial first.


I also gave in and ordered some fabrics in the sale. 8 yds for a total of $68. This works out to about $9 per metre.

I made a mistake with the order because I didn't realise that my old card number was still on the account when I clicked pay. It came up declined and order waiting on payment. I updated my details but it didn't seem to work so I sent them an email. When they opened I got a quick email back saying the payment had gone through and then later in the day I got a nice email thanking me for my order and reassuring me that my details were updated successfully and the payment had gone through OK. I was very impressed with the friendly attention they gave me. I have bought from them several times now and feel confident to recommend them to others.


I have also ordered two Lynette Anderson books from book depository uk . Other shops just can't compete. Each book was under $20 and when I looked up one of them on an Australian patchwork site it was $29 with postage on top of that. I try to buy close to home but I also don't want to throw away money.

Hope everyone is having fun with their sewing,



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