Friday, May 10, 2013

Country Cottage Quilting SAL and the rest.

I just love a good sew along and I am a sucker for a good BoM so I have quite a lot on the go. I seem to be fitting things in quite well so far. I have even made some extras like the fox and my crochet gloves.
I am determined to finish all my May obligations before the end of May and earlier if possible. As soon as the new owl came out I whipped him up ready to sew. My sewing machine is making some complaining noises so the sewing will have to wait a bit.

I got another block from "Summertime" glued down ready to sew and I will try to get a couple more ready. I am making a square wall hanging from 9 blocks.

I got the April Adventure block out and put it onto a little bag pattern. I will put the May block of cute post cards onto a zippy purse.

I spent some time working on my much overdue photo album from my trip last year. It is fun to look at the photos and remember stuff.

I like to use the iPad in bed just before I get up so I made some fingerless gloves to keep me warm.

I am making the needle book from Country Cottage Quilts with Shirley from Colours of a Butterfly. We are warming up to make the quilt with the watering cans on it. We will be posting some progress every two weeks. I did a bit of cutting and sticking to get started.

That's it for another week. I feel much better about blogging once a week. I seem to have more time for visiting and commenting on other blogs.

I am linking up with Applique Thursday.

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Happy Quilting,
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