Thursday, May 2, 2013

Countryside Softies

I have been admiring this book by Amy Adams for over a year now. Since this is my year for buying books and patterns I now own it. I just love all the little critters.
I don't have any knitted felted wool so I am going to have to use my woven felted wool and see how I go. It doesn't have the stretch that knitted fabric does so it may be harder to get the right shapes.
I have started the fox and hope to work through them in order.

Since changing over to a google+ profile I have become a no-reply blogger when I make comments. That's just the way it is. Luckily people I know have been replying because they must have my email address in their contacts already. Thanks to all these people.

I have also changed my comment section to google+ so anyone with a google+ profile can make a comment and decide who they want to see the comment. If it is just a normal comment I think public is fine. If you haven't signed up for google+ then you can't comment.
Leaving comments is part of the fun of blogging.
If you are not ready for Google+ you can comment from my Facebook or Flickr.

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Happy Quilting,
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