Monday, May 20, 2013

Slow sewing

With much of my May commitments out of the way I slowed down a bit. I got my newsletter from Bustle and Sew with a link to the little mouse pattern. Ladies at Beenleigh Quilters were making pantry mice for the sale table for the upcoming quilt show and I thought it would be nice (and also useful) to put one in my pantry. I have noticed a few moths in the cupboard so I had a bit of a cleanout and put in a jolly red velvet lavender mouse to keep those pesky moths away.

With winter definitely here now I felt sorry for Stumpy so I made him a nice cosy bed. I put running squirrels around it to give him sweet dreams. I got the pattern from The Zen of Making blog. The squirrels were from a book I had.

I pulled out my holiday lap quilt project from It's Quilting Cats and Dogs and put a frame on one of the blocks. This is meant to be English paper pieced but there is now way I am going to try that yet. I sewed all the triangles together on the machine then sewed each side down along one edge and turned it out. I then hand stitched as needle turn along the outside edge. Then I sewed the corners on.   Purists need not comment on this block :)

I had a lovely time at the Brisbane bloggers group. I started some knitting.

This Wednesday is update day for Welcome to the North Pole and Thursday is update day for my Country Quilting SAL with Shirley. The Saturday is One Xmas Item a Month. Lots of posting this week.
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