Friday, May 31, 2013

Needle book and fabric

When I sewed the stitchery to the front of the hollyhock needle book it went a bit crooked and the tiny prairie points went a bit skew. I thought the best way to get better is to do it again. I loved the poppy stitchery from Red Brolly so I made that up to make a new needle book. I didn't think it needed inside pockets so I have used some of the aplique elements from the SKOW book. I have yet to sew it all together.

I was very surprised to get my new fabric so fast. Just 8 days from America. 40 half yard pieces of Audra's Iris Garden. I worked it out to be $14.75 per metre. I was pleased I found the shop selling the 1/2 yard pieces. It was much better value than the fat quarter bundle. It will be perfect for the Go Wild Garden quilt from Country Cottage Quilting that I will be making this year. It is a nice subdued range, quite a bit darker or duller than I am used to.

I have been wondering what I will have as a home page after Google shut down iGoogle. I decided to go with my blog page. I have added some links to sites I like to visit then I made a list of some shops I often check out. It is now more like home. I set my browser to open my blog page, my email and google plus as tabs on start up. The computer is such a cool tool.

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