Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Something Old, Something New

Writing goals really helps.
I am afraid January was a challenge to me, let alone doing sewing. I am still reeling from the affects of organising to move house and then going through the move. We are also just starting to build a new house. We went along for the first meeting on Monday and after 2 1/2 hours of talking and trying to take in a thousand things our brains just shut down and we had to leave. It was the strangest feeling to have an exhausted brain. Unfortunately I have to say it is probably because of our age. If we were 30 we could keep going without noticing any fatigue. We should have given ourselves a full week to get over the move. Our next appointment is next Tuesday so we should be right by then.

My January something old was my Go Wild quilt. I managed to get quite a bit done before packing up the sewing room.
I wanted to finish piecing the last four blocks and I got that done. I also wanted to get all the borders pieced and I got that done. After that is goes a bit awry. I only managed to sew the applique on one block, not four and only glued the applique on two blocks, not eight. However, I feel as though I have got it well underway and will continue to work on it slowly each month. I don't have any pictures of my progress for this post but I will update my Go Wild blog later this month.

The new embroidery stitches went by the wayside. I just wasn't able to cope with anything new. I will tackle that another time.

For February I have printed out a few more of the Whoo Knows owls by Fat Cat and will do some catchup on that BoM. I will set myself a goal of 4 blocks for February.

For something new I have started the Sew Kitch BoM where all the blocks are paper pieced. I have only done paper piecing a couple of times and I am trying out the freezer paper fold back and sew method. You don't actually sew through the paper. I have also started the In The Garden paper pieced BoM so I have set myself the goal of catching up with last month's blocks and doing this months blocks by the end of February.

I am linking up to Something Old, Something New over at Never Too Hot to Stitch.

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