Monday, February 3, 2014

Scrappy Stars at Scrap Happy

I am just in love with stars at present so I couldn't miss making my second scrappy star for the year. This one is called Green mountain star and has lots of pieces. The background is quite large so I had to use some from my larger pieces box for that. While looking for something dark for the middle star I came across a fat quarter that I have had for some time and it was perfect. The little points were just right for some little scrappy pieces so I fished out a couple of charm squares and scraps of orange that seemed to go well with the suns in the blue fabric.

I have been wondering if it is better to press the many little seams open or press them to the side but after this star I think I will nearly always press my seams open. It just seems to give a smoother finish on the right side. It takes a bit longer to do but I can handle that for one star a month.

I got the star pattern from That's Sew Julie. You can download the tutorial as a PDF.
I have been collecting some different types of stars on my favourite quilt blocks Pinterest board. I am amazed at how many types there are.

I have so many sewing projects and other projects I want to get done this year so I have turned to the web for ideas on how to set goals and organise myself. 

I found some great pages at Mom's Toolbelt that I tried out and then decided to buy a life time membership that entitles me to any updates she does and new calendars each year. I love her designs. I have incorporated a few other free pages from around the web but Mom's Toolbelt  gives the folders a uniform and organised look. The membership enables me to use an affiliate link and since I think the product is great I figured I may as well use it. Click the thumbnail to visit Mom's Toolbelt.

I am linking up to Majas Paradise with my scrappy star this month.
There are some great links from last month here.

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