Saturday, February 15, 2014

Up the Garden Path Stitchery - January

I love the pretty stitcheries from Fee so far this year. They are free each month. I have struggled to sit and stitch though. It is a bit hot here at present so it makes for sweaty stitching.
I bought some whisper weft to use as interfacing but have since learned that it must be rinsed in very hot water before using it because it shrinks. I used it on the pockets of my pyjama shorts because I thought it would stop the knit from stretching. I now have very puckered pockets. I am so glad I didn't use it on outer wear.
So, the back of my stitchery is unwashed whisper weft so I will have to make it into something that only needs a cold rinse sometimes so it doesn't pucker. Maybe even a little framed picture. I have a spare embroidery hoop to frame it.

I have started another blog about my Mom's ToolBelt Planner Folder and what I put in it.
I am gradually getting through my sewing goals for February.

I love being able to keep this blog mostly sewing and just start another blog when I find a new subject to journal about. I also like having the quilt diary blogs for my non BOM quilts. Maybe in 100 years one of my household quilts will end up in a museum and they will be able to find the story of it in a computer data base!

Happy Quilting and Crafting,

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