Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beginning My Home Planner

I downloaded the free samples and I searched for free pages but in the end I bought a lifetime membership to Mom's Toolbelt so I would have a coordinated look and the whole range of pages and calendars.

I printed out the Summertime cover then decided what I wanted to organise. I have tabs for Goals for 2014, Housework Routine, Meals and Shopping, Budget and Inventory.

I printed out a Summertime divider. I cannot say enough how great it is to look up my goals pages and get something done. I spent an afternoon writing my goals for Feb and Mar and now I don't need to worry about wasting time or forgetting what needs to be done. Mom's Toolbelt has PDFs that you can put your own text on. This planner is one of several layouts.

I have a little parsley plant on the back deck now and because I had these goals written before we moved I also have a multi planter herb pot with me ready to plant some winter herbs in a few months time.
My folders sit on the pantry shelf in our rental house where I can easily access them. This shelf is just along the meals room wall. They will be on our office desk in the new house. The Mom's Toolbelt spines come in different sizes and you can print your own titles on and save the file. At present I have a Contacts folder, a New House folder and My Home Planner folder set up nicely. I have other folders still in the process of being put together for lots of personal papers.

Along with my lifetime membership I have access to affiliate links (I get a % if you visit with my link and then buy something) . I don't hesitate to recommend the Mom's Toolbelt printables because they have really helped me get more out of my time as well as given me peace of mind that what needs to be done is getting done.

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