Friday, May 3, 2024

Daily Quilting Report

Last Quarter in the Southern Hemisphere

Over the past few years I have been enable to link my energy levels to the phases of the moon. For the next 10 days or so I will have low energy. That is a fact that I have noticed over the years. I wondered why I seemed to go up and down all the time. I still don't know why exactly but my ups and downs coincide with the full moon and last quarter/new moon. 

I don't attribute any magic to the moon but my scientific side thinks it possible that some people are affected by the moon cycle since we evolved with the moon cycle as part of our environment. I consider myself to be a highly sensitive person so maybe that is why I feel the affect of the moon cycle.

Anyway, the result is I feel unfocused and a little fragile and more likely to make stupid mistakes. So I am going slow and only doing what I feel comfortable working on. When I have high energy I am likely to be overconfident and make reckless mistakes. I look forward to the in between times.

Today I finished the appliqué block for April and cut out the fussy cut house pieces from the May kit.

Down Wander lane BOM with valspierssews

Down Wander lane BOM with valspierssews



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