Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Daily Quilting Report


Down Wander Lane BOM with valspierssews

Just some free motion quilting today. I did around the eggs and the bunnies and the house and butterfly. Then I did the grass.

I still have to do the sky and the plant.

Down Wander Lane BOM with valspierssews

You can see where I "fixed" the size with a strip on the side but I am confident it will not affect the look of my quilt.

I have now set up my machine to do my doll clothes sewing this afternoon. It is so freeing to have a set time for quilting and doll dressmaking. It means that my mind is not occupied with thoughts of having to sew every waking minute. 

I sew in my set times and other times I am thinking or planning or reading or just doing nothing. I never thought it would make such an impact on my day to have a creation routine. 

I love doing the patchwork and quilting and I love designing and making the doll clothes but they were consuming me and making me anxious without me realising. Scheduling my productive time seems counterintuitive for a creative free spirit! But as I said, it has helped to free up my mind for the creative thinking.


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