Friday, February 4, 2011

Can I have too many mug rugs!!!

I have been following quite a few quilters blogs lately and have noticed that nearly all make wall hangings or baby quilts with their stash. I am afraid my stash is only mug rug size and they seem to be breeding like rabbits. I was supposed to start on my February Hearts project from Daisy Quilts this morning but I saw all those little triangle scraps from my star blocks and they looked too useful to put in the scrap box so I sewed them all together into... you guessed it,  a mug rug!

There are some green triangles there ready for the next one.

 I sewed all the triangles together so they were all the same then just fitted them together.

I made this one because owls are just cute.

I made this one to try out the stack and slash method.

This was my first one just to try half square triangles.

I made coasters before I discovered mug rugs

And of course, there is always a little helper.

Cheers from Val
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