Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another bag!

Some of you may know I am making a Christmas quilt for mum's birthday. Sort of an easy to put up Christmas decoration. I picked up another craft book from the Lifeline shop and found a pattern for a quilt bag to give and store a gift quilt in. Cool I thought and started to whip one up for the Christmas quilt. I used pieces of the fabrics in the quilt and I love the sentiment square on the front. Just like a wrapping and card in one. I noticed the one in the book had alternate dark and light squares so I tried to do that with the fabrics I had. I am busy stitching the front square now.

This is the back
The squares are 3 1/2 inches
This square is cut down to 9 1/2 inches after stitching
There were some cute labels too.
Issue No. 2

I thought the bag for a quilt idea was good but Nova has taken it a step further with a pillow-bag-quilt. Have a look at her blog.  She also had a good idea to wrap up a little shopping bag. I know it is obvious to do this but I didn't think of it. I just role my bag up and squish it in the handbag. So I might put the extra strap on it now.

Make sure you enter my giveaway here. It closes midday Monday Brisbane time. I lost a few comments but put them back in their right place. I have the auto emails so I know who enters but I didn't want the positions to get mucked up.

Also have a look at my photo of the confluence of planets the other morning. I think the photo is pretty good, if I say so myself :)

Happy Quilting,
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