Friday, May 27, 2011

Bag Makeover

I managed to get a bit of sewing done today. I took my old tote bag and made it into a knitting bag or as my husband suggested a thief proof shopping bag :)

I sewed the corners a bit deeper to lessen the height then added the draw string top. I cut a 30cm (12 inch) strip width of fabric, folded it lengthwise and interfaced half. I made buttonholes for the draw string and stitched a casing then sewed gathering rows along the raw edge. I gathered the strip onto the bag so I could open it right up easily with the extra width. I stitched two lengths of brown ribbon together,  I got them off things I bought, and the new length just fit nicely.

Opens right up because the drawstring strip is a bit wider than the bag.

I popped onto the computer about lunch time with the intention of visiting all the blogs in my sidebar and leave comments. Strangely, I visited Chasing Cottons, the first in the list and checked out the tutorial on how to put numbers onto comments. Then I thought I should visit my new follower  Jenni and just loved the quilt on her header. I looked about a bit then visited some of the blogs on her list. The second one I looked at, Bejewelled quilts by Barb,  had a pieced cat pattern she was giving away and also 8 cats made up that she didn't want anymore. If you like cats you should have a look. She will email the pattern if you ask but she will do a draw for the made cats. Probably tomorrow.

Well, needless to say I didn't get very far down my blog list. I hope I get a bit further this time.

Happy Sewing,
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