Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday and Tuesday Treasures Double Up

Pets are wonderful family and friends. We can't help treating them like people because most days they act like people! My little cats like to follow me around as I move from the kitchen to the lounge room to the sewing room. I always seem to have at least one of them in the room with me. We have started having three on the bed as it cools off. They get a bit peeved if I shut the door. Tommy meows constantly and even scrabbles on the door. He reminds me of Simon's Cat. In the morning when he gets on the bed he marches right up to my face and stares at me then reaches out his paw and taps me on the face or shoulder asking for his breakfast.
If Kitty finds the door shut at night she goes outside and claws on the window screen.
In winter my back parlour is their favourite place during the day. I like to sit in there and read or have a nap.
Here they are in my parlour. Blacky is a bit of a loner so she is on the lounge in the lounge room.

Blacky on the lounge.
Blacky is my daughter's cat. She came from the pet shop 19 years ago.

Kitty prefers my good cushion to the cat blanket.

Kitty was a stray that my husband found at a car yard one day about 16 years ago. He spent hours trying to catch her. He just had to bring her home cause she had a stumpy tail like my Stumpy. Stumpy is a pet shop baby that I bought for myself.

Stumpy likes the chair. I made a double sided cushion cover so I can flip it
over if I want to sit there.
Tommy has a special pillow under the other chair. He will sleep on the tiles if he gets too warm.
Tommy is the kitten of a stray that came by and stayed.

You can just see them all here. Isn't my room lovely!
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Happy Families,
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