Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday's Show and Tell

I have a winner! Vanessa R of Whirling Butterfly. Congratulations Vanessa.

I also have two more lovely followers that brings me up to 50.

I have been playing with my scraps and have made three crazy blocks. I like the crazy block concept. It is quite therapeutic to sort and iron the scraps. I made three different coloured piles from a bag of scraps that I bought - pink, brown and green. Then I made some 7 inch squares of wadding by zig zagging the edges together of my wadding scraps. I sorted the pink pile into small, medium and large pieces and started sewing. By the second block I was starting to get the hang of how the pieces should go together. It takes quite a lot of thought and concentration.

I came into my sun room to use the laptop and found my trusty friend on the princess cushion. Usually Kitty is on the cushion looking like a princess.

Yesterday Blacky was on my breakfast chair so I pulled up a chair for her and moved her over. She still had some lovely sun.

Sandy at Cookies and Cream hosts Monday's Show and Tell. You can join in with Mr Linky.

Happy Quilting,
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