Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fiona's pincushion

If you are looking for my FNSI post it is here.

I don't think I can do any more swap or share work. It is ridiculous I know, but I have had a headache for a week because I hadn't finished my bit on this pincushion. I felt pinned down by the external deadline and I wanted to do other things like my selvedge tote and I felt guilty because I wasn't doing the pincushion.
When I was working on the pincushions I was enjoying it. I loved trying to design something that fitted and then stitching it so it looked the way I wanted so I assure you they are all stitched with love and care. I had just forgotten why I had to retire in the first place. My ability to handle stress is greatly diminished and this is very obvious to me after being retired for a while. Appointments and deadlines and events cause me to tense up noticeably because in between I am quite relaxed unlike when I was working. I guess I was just stressed all the time then, sometimes worse than others.
Any way, enough moaning. I have a teaser for Fiona. She has to guess what I put on her pincushion before I show it all.

No pressure Fiona. I will show it all tomorrow anyway :)

May your sewing be stress free,
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