Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday's Show and Tell

A couple of things today. Firstly The Pincushion Sewalong has moved along to DeeDee. This is what I did with Fiona's pincushion.

Then there are the butcher birds. Our neighbour usually feeds them on her back balcony but she has gone away for a few weeks. They figure I am a bit of a softy so they come and look in my kitchen window and back door. Sometimes they sing beautifully. I fed them a few cat bickies this day.
They are not actually cute birds I suppose. They have a nasty hook at the end of their beak for killing little animals and they have a reputation for swooping during nesting season. These ones are quite friendly all the time and I have never actually seen them kill anything.

I was ironing the interfacing onto the back of the second border of my Christmas quilt and smiled at the sorry state of my ironing cloth. It is a piece of lawn. It used to be twice as wide but I hacked off half to line something then I ironed an applique paper piece upside down and when the paper fell off I had to cut out the gluey section. I think it is time for a new cloth :)

Then there are the kitty pictures. Kitty swooped into the spare room as soon as I opened the door and made herself comfortable on my pile of acrylic wadding. Her little black tail is cute.

You can see the Easter left overs waiting to go in the cupboard.
And lastly, I have seen a few posts about feedsacks and couldn't understand why they would be made out of quilting fabric. I finally had to find out. I found a lovely story at this site:

Sandy at Cookies and Cream Crafts hosts Monday Show and Tell. So pop over and see what others have to show and join in.
Happy Quilting,
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