Saturday, February 25, 2012

1 Christmas Item a Month

I needed something quick and easy this month so I made a few coasters to go with the place mats I made last year. I used the big baubles printed on the fabric and put in a bit of wadding. I also interfaced the top fabric. I made a jigsaw wadding piece from my scraps and did the same with my interfacing scraps. They probably wouldn't withstand machine washing but that is OK.

Raw edge. Wadding can be seen.
No turning. Just sew around the rough cut pieces then trim close to the stitching.

You can see what others are making over at Narelle's blog Pins and Whiskers.

This is an automated post while I am away. I will enjoy reading your comments but I won't be able to reply this time. I am just trying to cut down on the emailing while I am busy touring :)

Happy Quilting,
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