Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

I pulled out a few more of my favorite children's books when I put the others away. Both the girls loved these books. The first is Winifred's Bed by Lynn and Richard Howell.

As you can see on the cover she has a cot that is too small.

It has beautiful end papers

As you turn each page another toy hops off the shelf and into her new bed.

They push her over each time.

Until finally her cat gets in and she falls on the floor.

The second is There Was an Old Woman by Stephen Wyllie and Maureen Roffey. They are both great books to encourage young readers to join in.

All the things have flaps ...

with cute pictures underneath.

She buys all sorts of animals to stop the noise that is keeping her awake.
Why not share some treasures. Link up at The House on the Side of the Hill with the lovely Melody.

Happy Quilting,
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