Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

I went looking for The Patchwork Cat because I wanted to see what her quilt was like. It is kept in a box of my favourite story books from when the girls were little plus a few of my childhood favourites. If you have never read Knock Three Times I can highly recommend it for adults and children alike. We always called it The Rolling Pumpkin :) I still have the one I read as a child. DD2 bought her own paperback when she was a teenager.
I had seen it was Tuesday Treasure day on blogger and wondered what I could post about. When I saw the books in the box I just had to pull some out and I knew I had found my treasures to post about. Which ones to show? I love them all. Here are just three.

Keep You Mouth Closed, Dear by Aliki.
The little crocodile accidently swallows things that he gets close to and his mother is afraid for his safety. It all ends happily when he swallows the vacuum cleaner hose and all the things are sucked out.

Down in the Woods by Nicola Smee
The toy bear always has muddy feet in the morning so the little boy follows him and sees that he is having a teddy bear picnic in the woods. The little boy dresses up like a bear and joins the party. When his mask comes off he is concerned he will scare them all but his teddy bear vouches for him and they all have a good time. DD1 liked this one because her bunyip would have dirty feet sometimes and this explained it.

The Patchwork Cat by Nicola Bayley and William Mayne.
Because the quilt is dirty and torn it gets thrown away. The cat follows it to the tip then on her way home the milko sees her and recognising her he takes her home with her quilt. Realising how important the quilt is her owner washes and mends it.

Melody is the host for Tuesday Treasures. Why not find a treasure and join in or just check out all the treasures in the linky.

Happy Quilting,
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