Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tea and books

I made a little tea time wallet a while back but it is only big enough for about 4 wrapped tea bags. Since I want to take a few more with me on my trip I used up some scraps to make another teabag holder for the extras.

I also saw the tutorials on Polka dots and Rick rack and couldn't resist immediately making a tissue pocket. Trouble is I was being so careful to put the backing right side in that I forgot that the folded pieces would be turned as well and lined up the nicest bits of the pattern facing me instead of facing down. Ah well.  It still looks OK and does the job. I think I will have time to make a few of them for my Christmas club. I still have to make something Christmassy. I need some new coasters and hey! I can use the tissue pocket design to make them. I just thought of that as I was writing and it will be perfect.
I finished two more books. Once I get reading I tend to have 2 or 3 going at once so I finished all three this week. I have plenty on my iPad for the trip as well as two Stitch magazines.

I love all the Judge Knott books. Nice murder mysteries with a bit of romance.

I have read this one a long time ago and couldn't remember most of it. It is a good crime story. Suspenseful and good characters.

I will do a post on Tuesday for Tuesday Treasures and then I am going to turn off the send comments to email function. While I am away I will make some posts and comment on blogs but I am not going to try to reply to comments.
I just got news that one of our US tour party had to opt out this week because she broke her upper arm a little while ago and it is in a splint that makes it impossible for her to do things for herself. 3 months she will have the splint on! Everything is go for me - touch wood.

Happy Quilting,
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