Sunday, February 12, 2012

Card case design and free pattern

On my US tour I am going to collect business cards from each place we visit and from the vendors at the sewing expo. On previous shopping tours I have tried to collect some cards but when I got home they were in various parcels and got put onto various tables. I had no plan for them. This time I have made a special card case to keep them together and when I get home I will put them in a folder page to keep in my sewing room. I also want to write on the back of each card as I get it the item or items I might want to buy or top up at a later date.

I drew up a design and made it up in some cute postcard fabric I recently bought. The fabric is Christmas fabric but the post cards are so cute and perfect for a card case. The size of the pockets is a bit bigger than ones I have seen online. They are deep enough to completely cover the card and enough ease in the width to hold a decent pile of cards. The tab is long and has extra loop velcro so it can expand with the case.

I made one for myself and it was so easy I decided to make 5 more for my traveling buddies. There are only six of us on the tour. I played around with my signature bird and made some special tags for them.

When I get back I will use the case for all my loyalty cards and library card etc. All those cards that just won't fit in the purse. I have had a separate card case for more than a year now and it works really well. Time for a nice new one though :)

I have a photo tutorial and pattern to cut out with instructions in Googledocs. Feel free to download it.

Card Case Pattern

While you are in the mood to download why not download my  yoga basic routine  and my special hip exercises.  No matter how stiff you are you can approximate the positions til you get more flexible. You will be surprised how much tension you hold in your hips and it affects the circulation in your legs. Two reasons I added the hip exercises - I had pain in my hips like arthritis and it is now gone, I was getting clots in my calves that were inflamed and very painful, none since I have been stretching my hips.

Check out the cute zippy purse links in my side bar. I love the macaroon. Not very useful but very cute.

50 books in 50 weeks
Nearly forgot to add that I have finished another book. Another cosy mystery but it has both quilts and cats this time. The main character is 41 and recently widowed after she moves to a small town. I enjoyed it. The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse by Leann Sweeney. There are two others in the series I think. I have read 5 books this year.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Happy Quilting,
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