Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Go Wild Garden Quilt - WIP Wednesday

It feels good to get back to this quilt. I love all the projects in this book.
I prepared my applique sheets for easy tracing. I explain it in more detail in my quilt diary

Then made up one block ready for sewing. When I get my machine back from servicing I will be doing machine buttonhole stitch in purple embroidery thread. I am making 16 blocks instead of 12.

I have been very remiss with working on my quilts lately. I like order so I am getting back into a routine of working on a different quilt each week and posting twice a week. I feel like my quilt block pendants for GlassApplique are all under control now. Interestingly it is the photo taking that is the hardest and most time consuming part of setting up shop.

Once again all my fabric photos were a bit blurry so I took my laptop upstairs and checked each one as I took it. I don't think I took them any differently but all the new ones were fine!
Also there must be something up with my Flickr permissions because my Flickr photos don't show up as thumbnails for my blog. When I use a photo from my computer it shows up as a thumbnail in summaries. Things move so fast. As far as I know I set my Flickr photos so they could be pinned but I suppose I will have to check that too. I really want to put a 'pin it' button on my photos in my blog but I am always a bit nervous about changing the code in the template.

I did find out how to add meta tag keywords and meta tag author and a meta tag description to my blog. How to make some simple meta tag changes is here. You don't have to know much about computers to do it and it means people can find your blog more easily.

If you like reading my blog you should register to receive my posts in your email. I post twice a week and I am always sewing something new.

I am linking up with WIP Wednesday this week over at Freshly Pieced

Happy Quilting and Crafting,

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