Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tickling a Tote Bag Design

The Two Button Two Tone Tote

This small tote has a handy outside pocket to stuff in that tissue you just used or pop your sunnies in while you have coffee. It also has a zippered phone pocket and two other inside pockets. Once you have done one inserted zipper pocket you will never look back.

My feature buttons are a work in progress but the handy badge pin backs mean I can work on making an even better set of buttons and swap them in a flash. I have made lots of patchwork and quilted totes and purses but they have all featured the fabric. It is like learning a new skill to make the buttons the feature while still using pretty fabrics. This is my first go. I can feel an obsession coming on :)

I have made a hugely detailed picture tutorial. I have been very impressed with the Sew4Home tutorials so I have followed their format. The only difference is that I have numbered from one to the end rather than in sections so it is easy to refer to a particular instruction if there is a question or problem. I have still put headings for each section like the Sew4Home tutorials.

I wasn't able to upload the tutorial as a PDF so I made a new page for my blog. The tab is at the top but you can see it here.

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