Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Short and Stout Tote

I have so gone off making quilts and have just gone crazy buying fabric to make little things. I originally bought the Short and Stout to make a quilt but I don't really want to start another quilt and I didn't want it to go in the cupboard so I made a tote bag.
I subscribe to Sew 4 Home and they had this pattern featured a few weeks ago. I added an outside zipper pocket and I made the phone pocket into a zipper pocket for extra safety. I also put a wider zipper pocket above the open pockets on the other side. I am quite an expert at inserting those pockets now.

Wouldn't you know that even though I have made lots of glass buttons not one was the right colours. I don't have too many glass colours but I thought this combination would look OK. The colours change slightly when melted. I put together a zipper pull for the outside pocket too. These are waiting until I get a few more pieces to fill up the kiln.

I am thinking I will make the fabric flower to put on the bag as well.
The link will take you to the page with the Tim Hiltz tote and a few other items. I also love the Eclectic Elements fabric.
Eclectic Elements projects

Happy Quilting and Crafting,
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