Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Daily Quilting Report


Down Wander Lane BOM with valspierssews

The raw edge appliqué stitching didn't take long this morning so I added on the checker strip and the batting. I actually thought I had the things in the plan for today but when I looked I saw that I had written the strip and batting for tomorrow. Because I wrote it down last might I thought it was on today's agenda.

I don't usually look at my planner first thing because I pretty much do the same every day. Quilting, writing and doll dressmaking.

A pesky thing I noticed with my block is that it is 1/2" too narrow. No idea why. The green grass hill that is part of the appliqué is only 12" when it is supposed to be 12 1/2". I checked the pieces I cut and I have cut them smaller. The only explanation is that I read my cutting ruler wrong. But why is the precept grass only 12"? Oh well. I will have to fudge putting it together somehow. Even if I add a strip down the side.

These things happen :(



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