Thursday, April 18, 2024

Daily Quilting Report


Down Wander Lane BOM with valspierssews

Today I put the batting on the appliqué block and started the quilting.

I have been doing my quilts in sections like this for a while now. I sew manageable sections together then add the batting and do the quilting. I then sew the quilted section together to make the whole quilt. I add the backing and secure it in straight lines following main block seams. The back ends up with just lines on it rather than being included in the quilting process.

I just did the straight line quilting around the house, along the stems and some curvy lines on the grass.

I'm not doing any quilting on the small squares border. I just stitched 1/8" in from the seam.

Down Wander Lane BOM with valspierssews

I use basting spray to hold the flimsy securely on the batting.

Birch Quit basting spray

I didn't have spare batting for this block so I had to add a strip down one side. I butt the edges together and use the 3 stitch zig zag (I think it is the darning stitch) to hold it together.

I had some scraps I had trimmed off my Garden Quilt the other day so while I was at it I created a batting piece that would do for the little mats I am making.



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