Sunday, April 28, 2024

Daily Quilting Report

 I was a bit distracted this morning because I was thinking about finishing my latest doll dress pattern ready for publishing. I lost a bit of time while my daughter was visiting so I was a bit behind with my schedule for the pattern. 

The pattern needs to go out today with the newsletter so it will bug me until it is done. I also knew that if I didn't do the quilt block first I probably wouldn't get back to it. Hence the distraction and the annoying mistake I had to correct in the basket block.

I got the bottom corner the wrong way round and had to unpick it.

Down Wander Lane BOM with valspierssews

Down Wander Lane BOM with valspierssews

Crisis averted with no harm done except to my state of mind. It just highlighted how anxious I was about the doll dress pattern. A bit of stress is OK and I know it doesn't really matter if I make a mistake on the block or have to delay my newsletter post for half a day or even a whole day. Writing about it now helps to put it all in perspective.
Only one more pesky basket block left to do. (And only a few bits of instruction editing left on the doll dress pattern as I publish this blog post.)


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