Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year (only 7 weeks til my USA trip)

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. It always feels good to make plans for the new year. However, most of my plans for 2012 were made months ago. I am starting to get excited about visiting the Stitch and Craft Expo in Puyallup Oregon. I leave end of February.
I have finished my travel bag and a few extras.
I will be testing it out on the US trip to make sure it works. If it is as convenient as I hope it will be going with me to Italy and the UK and finally Melbourne in July. It may have to go into mothballs for a while after that :) At least if I can't afford to keep traveling I will have more time to sew.

One side has two pockets.

The other side has a zipper pocket.

Two big zipper pockets in the lining and a divided insert.

I want to experiment with hanging the insert on the tray table somehow.

There is a handy shoulder strap.

The strap tucks into the pocket on the end.

Keeping up the bird theme I made a folder and wallet.

Room for all my travel information and passport and money.

Happy Quilting,
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