Saturday, December 10, 2011

Obsessed with the quick finish

You may have noticed that I have been making all sorts of little things lately. My big star quilt is lying idle and my new Nanna's Farm quilt is still a pile of fabrics.
Yesterday I finished four Christmas cookie decorations made from felt...

They are only little.

...then last night I made the little stuffed bird I got from Cookies and Cream. Little stuffed toys are not high on my list of quick finishes. They are way too fiddly. Then ...

...this morning I was browsing around and found a tutorial for a zipper bag at Joypatch. It is a basic pattern and I have made it before but looking at the construction triggered a need to make it out of plastic. The bound edges were perfect for plastic. I folded the raw edges in on the binding then folded it in half as described in the pattern. However, I placed it over the edges of the plastic and sewed both front and back edges at once. I didn't bother with a zipper gusset. I just sewed it straight into the binding then put the end tabs on. The construction is similar to the felt tea bag I made before. Though felt doesn't need the binding. I can see some more plastic things in the near future. Maybe even today :)

Here are the cookies. The small ones were a bit too small I thought so I have included 120% cookies as well. Click on the image, save it then print it.

Happy Quilting,
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