Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just some cool patterns

I have been sewing little things and working on the knitted pigeon and surfing around. Here are some of the things I have found latley:
The bird card in the side bar was just beautiful and could probably be used for applique too.

She also has the most amazing 3D owl.

Then I found the fabulous paper snow flakes. You have to print them out then fold and cut. The cutting is surprising easy compared to the lovely pattern you get. mmmcrafts links to the patterns but she also has a good tutorial on how to do it and a blank snowflake fold pattern so you can make your own designs.

There is a felt or paper flower template with several layers of petals and a stuffed toy monkey...
Have a look at all her things. And the lizard is really cute too.

There is a cute chicken stitchery here. Click Freebie in the menu.

There are some lovely stitchery patterns and applique ideas here. The menu on the right has all the categories.

There are some nice stitchery patterns here.

There is a cool pieced pumpkin pattern here.

There are some cute doll patterns to buy here. I like Hattie and Homer Hobart :)

I came across this site while trying to find where I got something else from and found the cutest scottie dog mini quilt. The site is about the history of quilting and is very interesting.

I liked this cute set of cat blocks.

I imagine that this site is not new to most but I found it had some good patterns. This is where I got the link to the cat pattern above.

I also had time to follow the Moda Blog hop that I found links to on Sharon's blog. I printed out a few on card, cut them in half and sewed the block and recipe back to back. I need to get some more card now to do the rest.

I found a different looking little bag pattern here.

I know you all have plenty of time to play on the computer so I hope you enjoy collecting some of these patterns.

Happy Quilting,

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