Friday, December 23, 2011

Tuxedo Cat - no.4

I managed to finish putting Tuxedo Cat on a t-shirt for DH for his Christmas present. I enlarged it a bit but I can't lay my hand on the enlargement at present so I am just putting up the 100% pattern. To make it easier to stitch onto the t-shirt I ironed a big piece of freezer paper onto the back to stabilize it then I tore it off after I had stitched.  I also washed the t-shirt first thinking it might shrink a bit.

Just click the image and save it to your computer. Look in the My Designs page for the other three.

I also finished the shopping bag for DD1. She has a cat that is grey with a bit of a white chest. I thought grey would be a bit boring so he is grey with pink flowers :)

 I have had fun wrapping the presents adapting some of the ideas I found on the web. The gold one on the right DH wrapped. It is for me. The neighbours and their four kids have theirs wrapped with ribbons and stars as well but I put them in a bag with initials for the name tags. We will probably carry them next door so I thought the bag was a good idea.

 We will also give the girls some cash so I made little LV hand bags. I printed the paper myself using the LV pattern I found somewhere on line last year.

 I still haven't put the tree up but at least the box is in the lounge room now.

I have invented the jug wrap!

Merry Christmas to All,
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