Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Using free patterns

I found the tutorial for fabric boxes ( I think there are several out there) and had to make two - with two more cut out. I would add that it was easier to construct when I pressed the seams open after attaching the front and back to the base.  I also used the one sew binding method as I did for the plastic purse. Cut a strip 2" or 2 1/4 ", press in half then press the raw edges to the centre and fold.
I was going to leave out the pocket but found that it was handy to place an item to identify what was in the box.

I also knitted the little mouse. Lots of fiddly bits but the pattern was easy to follow. Not for the faint hearted though :)

Another favourite is the Christmas chickens. I have finished one. I might make the others and use them as present tags.

Links to all three free patterns are in the right side bar.
Thanks to Anita at Hayestackhayes for finding the mouse.

Happy Quilting,
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