Friday, December 2, 2011


I stitched 'Tabby' and put her on my travel diary.

I have made a PDF with the basics of what I did to make the diary cover. I have included the 100% cat and the 80% cat I used for the stitchery.

I would have loved to use some nice travel fabric but I had to stick to the stash though I did lash out this week and bought a few patterns from Cookies and Cream.

While I have been making small things and felt things my new best friends are freezer paper and 505 basting glue. The freezer paper makes it easy to cut out fiddly felt pieces because it irons onto the felt. Cause the felt is fuzzy you can only make it stick once but I have a whole role so there is a bit to spare.

You can download the directions and cat patterns from my Google docs.

Happy Quilting,
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