Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Using up my old Christmas fabrics

I went to Spotlight the other day and bought some new Christmas fabrics at half price. I have put them away and will make some things later for next year. I decided that I needed to use up the old fabrics. I have only been patch working with effort for this one year and I have found Christmas fabrics that I am sure my mum gave me years ago and I also had to buy some for the Christmas quilt I made earlier this year so they just have to go so there is room for more new ones.
I have half finished a runner with strippy blocks and made some little bags with the left over blocks and borders. They will go in the little stockings that I won't let anyone take away. They can take the little bags this year.

 I have decorated some hand towels. I started with pleats, then tried pleats with ribbon then just a strip with ribbon. I thought the plain strip with ribbon looked the best. They all have only a few rows of sewing so I can take it off after Christmas.

 I tried the paper ball. It was a bit fiddly but kept my brain busy for a 1/2 hour. It would be much easier with four hands!

 The little stars are much less trouble and turn out very cute. I think I will make some red ones as well and string them all together to make a garland for the tree.

 I also tried to stitch a paper bird. That too is a four hand task. I sewed on one side then realized I had cut the other side back to front so the music was on the inside. So that is waiting beside the knitted pigeon body to be finished off once I untie the knots in my fingers :)

This morning I had to drop everything to work out what workshops and talks I want to do at the Puyallup Stitch and Craft Expo next year. I am starting to get a tad excited about the Oregon trip. It is only 2 months away now.
I am also having fun looking at what everyone is doing for Christmas gifts, decorations and wrapping. There is so much creative work going on out there.

You might still have time to stitch this cute design from Gail Pan.

Happy Quilting,
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