Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Beenleigh Quilters

I had such a lovely time at my area quilting and craft group on Wednesday morning. I was lucky that I happened to turn up on birthday day and several birthday ladies had brought along cake for morning tea. Since it was my first time I thought it would be easier if I just took along some stitching. I was warmly welcomed as I walked in and when I said I had some stitching I was directed to take a seat with Betty 'n' Betty. They were a couple of lovely characters and so the tone was set for a funny, relaxed and gossipy session. I had a little visit with all the groups and hardly got any sewing done.
The hall was built just for the quilters by the show society and it is a lovely space. I took a few pictures as I walked around.

I need to make a name tag for the birthday board but it won't be put up for quite a while.
One of the lovely group quilts around the walls.

Magazine heaven for a coin donation.

One side of the library cupboard. Can't wait to get my hands on these.
Ruby sits at the door.

I have been wanting to buy a Jean Greenhowe knitted doll book for a while and with my purse quite a bit lighter I am knitting a soft doll with a lovely body shape, a pretty face and great hair that I can put my hand made doll clothes on. I couldn't believe my luck when I scored a pattern book with basic patterns for 5 different doll sizes and how to make lots and lots of different looks and garments. It was on the 'For Free' table.
I needed an instant gift today so I knitted the tiny teddy included in the knitting book. He is so cute and only 2 1/2 inches high. His name is Beary Small. I bought some new sewing needles and to make the little bear I used my bodkin, my curved fine fabric needle and my short doll needle. I can't understand how I survived without all these needles in the past!

I hope you are all having fun making things.

Happy Quilting,

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