Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas through the year

 I have made a couple of triangle containers. I thought they would be good to put on the bedside table to hold jewellery or coins. I have lost quite a few single ear rings when the cat has jumped up and things have rolled off or they just get pushed under things and I never see them again. So I have one for myself and two for gifts.
I showed my mum the first one I made and she was happy to take it home. I showed the ladies at the quilting group the second one I made. They liked it a lot so I offered it to one of them who said to her friend 'It's your birthday today. Why don't you take it' and she did. So it seems they are quite a hit. Mainly for their cuteness rather than their practical value :)
I found two sites that had photo tutorials and one is in my side bar. I don't think this is a pattern that anyone owns so I have drawn up a page of basic instructions and the triangle shape to print out. I used a layer of wadding in mine so it doesn't fold up and it is probably a bit smaller than just an interfaced one but I like it.

I was able to borrow a couple of cute applique books from the quilt group library on Wednesday and when I put them down at home I thought that I really needed a dedicated quilt library bag otherwise I would lose them.
I pulled out some owl fabric that mum had given me for Christmas and the tote bag pattern piece that just sits in my bookshelf for a quick make and started cutting out. I am a bit crazy I think because my half finished pure wool blazer and pieces were spread on the table and I was just cutting my bag on top of them. I did make an effort to clear a space when I put up the wadding or I would definitely have had a blazer jig saw.
I wanted to put some stitchery on the front but had no real idea of what to use so I was pleasantly surprised when Helena of Crazy Cats BoM fame sent me a cute teacher angel. I thought it would be perfect and started stitching immediately. I only half finished and left it out overnight. It is so humid here that my soluble pen lines have disappeared. I have to pop up to the sewing room and redraw the lines and this time get it finished quick.

Only half done. I will show the bag when I finish it.

Happy Quilting,
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