Saturday, January 7, 2012

Busy designing

I have been having a lovely time designing lots of applique scenes and little stitchery pictures. I really like the applique scenes of farms and farm houses and animals. I also like the little shops that were part of the My Town BoM and I think I would like to make some fancy houses.

Working on the drawings is quite time consuming so I don't think I want to just publish them for free. Anything I draw will be to suit me since I can't find exactly what I want. Many things come close but I figure if I have to customize it anyway I may as well make what I want to start with rather than buy it and change it. I would like to make them available because there may be people out there who want the same as me but I think I will be putting a price on them.

I am not thinking of doing it like a business. Just when I make something I can put the design drawing in my Etsy shop for automatic PDF download. I have no desire to write step by step instructions or teach people how to sew. Just some photos of projects I made with the design and the design drawing. It is just so easy to open up shop these days I think it is worth trying.

I made a little needle book. I don't pretend to be a very good stitcher. I tend to fudge the details and go for overall look :D

If anyone would like to give my sample a good home and get the design drawing PDF just let me know in your comment and I will draw out a name on Friday.

Happy Quilting,
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