Monday, January 23, 2012

Book mark

I had the urge to make a book mark.
Probably all those book challenges I am doing :D
I needed some gross grain ribbon and what do you know? Mum had wrapped her Christmas present to me in gross grain ribbon which I naturally kept for a rainy day. Putting a little thing at each end lends itself to all sorts of cute pairs. I had the bird and the flower on a card that was sitting on my sewing table so I used that this time. I think and owl and a book or an apple (see purl bee apple coasters) and a worm. If I use a little book I could stitch my name on it. I also made a little lavender scented book page weight. But I will show that on the 25th. I am slowly working on my blazer for my trip and knitting a big scarf hood as well. 
I will be back with my Christmas items on the 25th.

Happy Quilting,

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