Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A new tote

I have discovered that if I eat cheese around tea time before bed I will lie awake for hours with a kind of hyperactivity in my head. It happened not so long ago and I told myself not to eat cheese at night but I forgot and paid the price. However, I did think up the design for my new tote bag while I was lying there.  I have called it the Tote-All because I think it will hold whatever you are able to lift. I put 10kg (22lbs) in no problem. Well, the only problem was I don't think I would be able to carry it very far :D
Rather than write up a pattern I have listed its features and put the measurements I used on a diagram. It takes a metre or yard of fabric plus the decorative fabrics.

No good having a bag that will carry anything if the base board is flimsy so I cut off some of an old cutting mat. This won't fold it only bends and it won't crack or break. I did have to use two hands to close the scissors at each snip. I will probably have a sore hand or two tomorrow :(

While at the post office yesterday I found some Christmas specials. I couldn't resist this set of boxes for $6.99. I will use them in my sewing room. The lid is attached to the handle loop.

Happy Quilting,
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