Friday, January 20, 2012

New Fabric and another book

I was very excited today because I got my parcel from eQuilter. com. They had a sale and I got 4 yards of lovely fabric and four panels for only AU$44 including the postage. I signed up for their newsletter so I won't miss any sales they have. Even their full price fabrics are sometimes $2 cheaper than other online stores.
I have wanted to buy more Mrs Greenthumbs before it disappears so I bought 2 yards of the hats at US$3.58 a yd and 1 yard of the seed packets at full price of US$8.95. The panels were US$2.60 each. There was so much there that I wanted to buy but I have to save my money for my trip. Funny isn't it! I will be so glad when my trips are over so I can start spending my pocket money on a whim. Not really. But it is hard to keep my money for things I haven't seen yet. I didn't think $44 would blow the budget and it was for things that I have wanted for a while.

The post cards were too nice to resist :)
One of the blocks on the Mrs Greenthumbs panel
Another panel that I couldn't resist!
I have been playing with the little triangular thread catcher pattern. I put the link to the tutorial in my sidebar. I didn't read the instructions very closely so I made 3 big triangles with wadding in them and thought 'How is this going to work?'. I need another triangle. So now I have 4 sewn big triangles and I thought it was time to check the tutorial. Well, what do you know! You only need one triangle to make the thread catcher. It is very tiny. I don't think it will be suitable for me to throw threads in but it would make a great container for loose change or ear rings on the bedside table. I have several that I will show for Christmas through the year. I also finished another item for 1 Xmas item a month.

I took my sewing machine and overlocker up to the quilting group so I could make a pair of trousers. I classified them as quilting because I need them to wear on my trip to buy fabric. I nearly finished them and now all I have to do is the hems. I will do pictures of my travel clothes later. Today I have to work on the woolen blazer.

Yesterday DH thought it would be nice to take me to a fabric shop that he learnt about from a lady he sat next to while he was waiting for me at the post office the other day. It is called East Coast Fabrics.
This will really only interest the Brisbane ladies.

Springwood Warehouse
Unit 3B, Pacific Place
10 Old Chatswood Rd
Springwood Q 4127
(Next to Tender Disposals)

Phone: 07 3208 1930
You have to get onto the service road from Chatswood Rd.
They had a large range of quilting fabrics at $5.99/m and lots of dress making fabrics. Some lovely silks for $7.95/m.

I have joined up two book clubs online. One requires the 6 titles to have particular words in them and the other is 50 books in 50 weeks. I have just finished my second book this year. Even Money fits the 'something carried in your purse' criteria. I picked it by running my eye along the library shelf til I found one of the key words. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. It was a bit humorous as well as being a murder mystery and the characters were very likeable. A great read if you like coffee table mysteries.
I think I will have to get more than one book out on my next library visit and because I have to do a bit of catchup I might also have to get some shorter books :)

Finally, I have another pattern that I will share on the 25th. I made it up when I discovered that the triangle thread catcher was a bit small. I may even tizzy it up a bit with some stitchery.

Happy Quilting,

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