Thursday, December 19, 2013

Little Christmas Bits 19

I was very pleased with the Christmas dress I made for my 18 inch doll so I looked up the scale used for accessories. The scale of the doll is 1:3 or 1 inch in doll size represents 3 inches in human size. Apparently the AGD type of doll is meant to be based on an average 10 year old human.

I got out my hobo bag pattern and and scaled it down so I could make a Christmas bag in doll size. It worked out really well. I even put in an inside pocket. Her pocket book is a needle book I had handy. The measurements made it easy to divide by three and draw up the new pattern. I made it exactly the same way as the big one in Little Christmas Bits 12.

If you like this small one why not download the pattern I drew up. You will probably need to at least read through the instructions that come with the large pattern. You can find them here at La Tee Da Kids.

You can comment on Flickr if you are not a google+ fan.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,

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