Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sewing is such fun

I still have the little bits sewing bug. Yesterday I made a yin yang cat mat, a fabric pen cup and a pillow cover front. I think I feel a HST frenzy coming on too. I love the 8 at once method!

The yin yang cats were inspired by a pendant I saw on Pinterest made by Loja Yarr. I made some adjustments so it was suitable to use for applique. It is easy. You just make two bodies and two tails in contrasting fabrics using fusible applique paper. The image is already reversed for tracing. They slide together and overlap. The tails go on last.

Save as and print. Vary the size as you like.

The fabric pen box has thick bag interfacing and a big metal washer in the base so the pens don't make it fall over. I used this tutorial as a starting point.

The pillow cover is made from HST pieced using this design. I left out the petal pieces and will bind the front to the back with the red fabric instead of doing a seam. I used the 8 at once HST method from here. It worked well because I used a 1/8 inch seam each side of the pencil line rather than 1/4 inch (2/8 inches).

Today Pixel Scrapper started up a free mini kit a week thing. I already get several free elements every day just for registering for free. It is great if you like scrapbooking. The mini kits are here.

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