Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oh Bother!

I have been doing some housework for mum lately. She was planning to 'get someone in' but I thought a bit of extra pocket money would be good. I don't think I could clean for strangers but it is nice to spend more time with mum. We chat a bit and then I stay for a cup of tea after. Yesterday I was trying to straighten up her craft room a bit and thought it would be a good idea to put some of her pop-up book collection on the shelf in the cabinet so it would get less dust. Trouble is I moved them from one side of the room to the other and the cabinet has glass doors so now they get more light. Oh bother! I popped a tea towel over them but it just doesn't look right.

In the afternoon I was in my sewing room and had a bright idea to make a shelf sheet with something nice on it. I had just enough white and then my eye fell on some book fabric that I had forgotten about. It was perfect.
I had to put a couple of seams in the white to get the right width and set about putting the book border on by rolling the white part up inside the folded book border (like making a border on a pillowcase). I carefully checked the the books would be the right way up after sewing but failed to notice that I had the white piece wrong side up. The books are upside down. Oh bother! I couldn't just turn it around because I didn't want the seams under the applique.

I wanted some bold and interesting letters so I chose these scrapbooking letters.
I inserted the ones I wanted into Pages and sized them all to 6cm high, printed them out and traced them from the back of the page. The lines showed through easily.

I hoped it would be OK but now I see the photo I cannot rest until I unpick it and put it right. It is being modelled on my shelf. There's my squirrel from Melbourne and my free cat pattern on a journal cover and just the top of the hand painted tile I got from Iron Bridge in the UK. I love my book shelves.

On a happy note I finished a little mug rug that had been sitting waiting for some had stitching. The pattern is the same as my free pincushion pattern enlarged a bit and made rectangular. I looked in my box of smalls (fabric pieces that is) to find some backing then dipped into the bag with the binding off cuts. A new tea or mug rug and a few less scraps.

Another souvenir, my mug from Edinburgh. 
If you don't 'do' Google plus why not comment in Flickr or Pinterest. Everyone must be into Pinterest at least. I get notified if anyone comments on one of my pins or just repins. I have been having such fun visiting all the boards of the people who have been repining from my boards.


Happy Quilting and Crafting,
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