Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Little Christmas bits 3

Just a small one today so I can catch up. I have set myself a goal of one Christmas item every day until Christmas. I am keeping up so far :D

I did my best to copy a partridge on a pear in felt. I think I made it a fraction too small for sewing on the machine so I did it by hand. I put a few plastic stuffing beads in the bottom to give it a nice hanging weight and stumbled around the outside of the pear with the sewing machine.

It is an item from my I Love Felt Pinterest board. I copied the photo and traced over it with my whiteboard app, sized it up and printed it out for tracing with the freezer paper.

I put a squirt of spray baster on a sheet of paper and stick the felt pieces on right side down then give them a blast with the spray baster. (I stick them on first because I have had them blast off the table in the past.) It is then a simple matter to stick them onto the pear and then sew them. I do all my felt applique like this now. The bits never fall off while I am sewing them on and the glue doesn't stick to the needle.

Happy Quilting and Crafting,

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