Monday, December 23, 2013

Little Christmas Bits 22

Yes, I have made 22 little things for Christmas and I think that is about all I have in me. Time to take a break. I have really enjoyed the hunt for suitable projects and then the satisfaction of finishing them quickly.
Here is my last item. I so love the little cross stitch projects.

Here is my complete Christmas decorating for this year. I just couldn't bring myself to bring all the decorations in from the garage. The plan was to have moved house by now. It is really hard to sell though. Now the plan is to have moved by next Christmas. Always good to have a plan :)

Thank you to all those who commented and visited and shared my posts. I think I must have had a few people looking at my Pinterest and a few new followers there too. It is great to see who pinned my pins because then I get some new people to visit who I know must have some similar interests. It is definitely better than just doing a search for pins. So thank you to the Pinterest lookers.

I will try to stay away from the computer for a while after today. I may just make up a Christmas header with the projects I have done for Christmas.

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Quilting and Crafting,
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