Sunday, April 10, 2011

A bit of personal journaling

No I am not going to do that survey I have seen going round and tell what underwear I wear!
This is just for my own record of what has been going on but obviously not private :)
I have to admit I have let the Wednesday window routine lapse a bit and I have been playing catchup this weekend because I don't want to be defeated by my housework ever again. Since I split the vacuuming I am much happier but there are a few niggly things like putting the extra curtain rings on the curtain in the lounge room and moving my garden beds that I can't commit to paper cause I just don't want to do them. Ah well, next month.

Before Christmas I was doing really well gradually losing weight but I put on 2kg at Christmas and got out of the routine and now I am very, very slowly getting back to eating healthy again. My biggest problem is snacks in the afternoon and after dinner. I am  a bit of a sweet tooth and it seems crazy but there is no way I can stop myself from eating too much for a snack. I might start with an apple but go to the slice of bread and coffee in one easy step. Why is that? I am a sensible, rational person but food talks to me and I listen :D

At least I am not putting it on. I put my little weight tracker at the foot of my blog. A bit hidden from the public but a little bit out there for accountability. 70kg is my intermediate goal.
I like the pressure put on me to finish some Christmas sewing. It is just enough to keep me thinking about it without being stressful. I seriously need to list the fabric I need for Nanna's Farm. I love that pattern and I can't really start till I have all the fabric coordinated. Trouble is I am going to Adelaide in July on an Australian Sewing Guild fabric and sight seeing tour and I need to save my pocket money for that.

I have a fair whack of spending and accommodation money tied up in NZ dollars after having to cancel my Christchurch trip at short notice and I need to save that up for October. Mum and I were flying Air NZ and the credit is only good til November (I had insurance but mum didn't want to pay the extra they were asking for over 80 so didn't bother so close to home). We are planning a garden, fabric tour.

My health has been pretty good. I feel like I need some vitamin B and my thyroid supplement. I have been just a bit on edge lately. My varicose veins have been good since I started the hip flexor yoga exercises. I read that tight hips can reduce circulation to the legs and also cause posture problems. It is amazing how much more flexible I am after a couple of months twice a week. I am able to do all of the yoga postures much better now my hips give way a bit more. Without experiencing the difference I would not have thought that more flexible hips would make all of the postures easier.

I have been feeling stronger lately. The affect of my exercises seems to occur in sudden increments rather than gradually. One day I don't notice it then the next day I feel my back suddenly feels stronger. I know it is not really suddenly but that is what it feels like. I couldn't imagine not doing my exercises now. I really look forward to it each day. I have reached the maximum reps (16) with my 5kg weights and been there for a few weeks.

It is time to buy the 6kg weights but I want to buy the exercise bench as well because I don't think the exercise ball offers enough support for my back while using the heavier weights. I drop back to 8 reps, or 5 if I need to, with the new weights. I started 18 months ago on 1kg weights and could barely manage 5 reps. Now I am doing the same exercises and do 16 reps with 5kg. I do the weights twice a week.

I am working hard at getting mum's birthday present done. She has said the last few years that she can't be bothered getting out Christmas decorations so I thought I would make her a Christmas quilt that she can just throw over the lounge for a few months. I want to give it to her in August.
This is what it will look like.

This is what I have done so far. I have all the fabric sorted and the border sewn together.
Nearly finished
Ready to stitch on

Happy Living,
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